An Honest-to-Goodness Winter


This may be the land of temperate weather but even we have our moments of real seasons. In fact, this winter has been not only more wet than dry but also pretty cold for around these parts. Not like the blizzards some of you have enjoyed, of course, but enough to actually wear a coat. That’s big for here.

To make up for his disappointing birthday weekend and cancelled ski trip, Colin took Saturday to head down to Mountain High with some of the Young Men in our ward and hit the slopes. They’re no Whistler runs, but the conditions during this stormy weekend made it passable.

Meanwhile, the kids and I stayed in our cozy, warm home to watch the day-long downpour taking place outside. It even hailed for a good 5 minutes. Not golf-ball-sized but enough to stick around for awhile after it stopped.

To sum up, these last few months have been pretty wet. But I’ve enjoyed it knowing that it won’t last. I’ll be honest, though. I’ve become quite the weather wuss, especially with kids. It’s a royal pain to schlep your kids around in such soggy conditions.

At the very least they’ve gotten good use out of their rain boots.


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