I’ve always felt that a new baby brings an abundance of love to a family. Now I see that when two babies arrive at the same time, that charity is multiplied exponentially.

So many thoughtful people have helped us since our sweet boys joined our family. Everything from donating jogging strollers and matching twin baby clothes to dinners to extra arms when breaks were needed. I have been humbled by the kindness we’ve experienced. It is heartwarming to be the recipients of so much generosity and love.

To those of you who pray for us, thank you. To those of you who have given (or coordinated giving) us baby gear in all its variety, thank you. To you all who lend a sympathetic ear or offer support or take a moment to check in on our foster-adoption situation, thank you. And to the many who continually lend a hand with a baby or with Maddie or even with Warren, many, many thanks. Burdens feel lighter when there are ready hands to help.

We are so grateful.

One thought on “Grateful”

  1. I suspect there are no comments here because your friends are not only all generous and thoughtful, but also too humble to admit the post was for them. I, however, love claiming gratitude! You are very welcome!

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