Baby Annie

Maddie is not much of a “girlie” girl. She spends a good portion of her day copying her big brother with the following items: Legos, crayons and markers and paper, books, little random “guy” figurines that she can smack on the table…

There are a couple of exceptions to her growing “tomboy” persona. She loves this silly little Cabbage Patch doll that she calls “Baby Annie.” I don’t know where she got the name but, for her, it’s a keeper. I have two friends named Annie who (I think) read this blog. I’m almost positive she named the doll in your honor.


Her “mama” instincts kick in and she can be found feeding, diapering, and taking Baby Annie on walks in the toy stroller. True, the feeding consists of shoving the small bottle into the doll’s mouth after whacking her on the head, and the diapering means ripping off the satin bloomers and attempting to put them on her own legs, but the intentions are good.

So, while Baby Annie has been seen being shoved falling off the couch repeatedly or taking a spill out of the stroller or being pulled around by the hair under Maddie’s care, I’m sure this is a step forward in her developing sense of what it means to nurture.

5 thoughts on “Baby Annie”

  1. Well she has to start somewhere, right? 🙂 Fortunately, she has the best mom EVER as an example. I’m sure the couch diving will end soon. 🙂

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