Birthday Circle


Warren’s kindergarten teacher has a very special way to celebrate when children have a birthday. The birthday child holds an inflatable earth ball and walks around a candle (representing the sun) for every year that he or she has been alive, simulating the same number of times that our planet has orbited the sun since his or her birth. Parents share a few quick facts about the child as he or she makes the journey around. When the “orbit” is complete, the birthday child makes a wish and blows out the candle, then hands out a treat of his choosing to all of the classmates.

The whole class also presents the birthday child with a banner that each kid contributes effort to coloring and cutting out.

Friday was Warren’s birthday circle. The day before he left the age of five forever. It was a touching reminder of how much he’s changed and grown over the last six years.

I adore this sweet boy. I’ve never wished to freeze him at a certain stage, but sometimes I wonder why it has to go so quickly.

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