Warren’s LEGO Birthday


Warren turned six. And what better way to celebrate the occasion for a boy obsessed with LEGOs than to throw a LEGO party!

What does a LEGO party entail, you ask? Beats me. All I know is that it required a LEGO cake. So I spent 3 hours assembling such a creation.


Warren invited his entire kindergarten class (20 active little chidlers!) plus the handful of kids from his (church) Primary class. It had the potential of becoming monstrous so we decided to hold it at the beach near our home… Until the weather forecast predicted rain all weekend. We fretted the entire week before the event, refreshing the weather.com page obsessively and hoping the chance of precipitation they kept posting was wrong.

Late Thursday night we decided we couldn’t take the chance of rain falling on our party, so we switched the venue to our small, three-bedroom home. All we could do was pray that it stayed dry for one hour so we could keep the party outside in our more spacious backyard.

Believe it or not, it did. Such a small prayer but it was answered and the entire day was rain-free. Cloudy and a little chilly but not wet.


Guests began arriving and the party officially began.


Warren was on top of the world running around with his friends.


Maddie kept refilling her small plate with the smorgasbord of junk food we had laid out.


Jake and Joey were held by friends, Lyndsi and Alexis and Kaitlin, who were gracious enough to take turns caring for them while Colin and I scrambled to make sure everything was going according to plan.

Which it didn’t. Colin had prepared a few LEGO-themed games, like who can build a tower the fastest, or who can create a certain figure given the set pieces and a picture of the completed goal. But none of those ever got started. The kids were having too much fun running around the backyard, climbing on the fences and scaling the walls. I think I even saw a spontaneous game of freeze tag. You just can’t organize fun like that.

We did set out quite a few bins of LEGOs that some children used to build creations, and the “Guess how many LEGOs are in the jar” was a huge success, but mostly it was a junk-food binge, run around until you’re sweaty, free-play social event.


The LEGO cake was consumed, presents were opened, and we said goodbye and thanks to friends with a party favor bag filled with fruit snacks (not LEGO shaped, as I had hoped), pencils, and pirate/colonial mini figures (thanks to Grandma Tuki for sorting and sending them!) plus the grab bag of LEGO mini figure collectibles that arrived in our mailbox at the 11th hour when we were worried they wouldn’t make it in time. Another simple prayer answered.

Happy Birthday, Warren! Your joy was worth the level of exhaustion your dad and I felt as we fell into bed at the end of this day!



4 thoughts on “Warren’s LEGO Birthday”

  1. SO FUN! Way to go you guys! Being sick and all for so long and then put on a huge party like that! You guys are amazing and so creative! Happy Birthday Warren!

  2. I just fell out of my chair that you pulled this off with newborn twins. But I suppose his expression in that top picture is all it takes to make it ALL worth it, huh? He looks so genuinely happy and satisfied! Good work Mom!

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