One Decade Plus Two


There is no way that I could have imagined 12 years ago that, in one weekend, Colin and I would be exhausted from fighting off our own illnesses, as well as the meeting the needs of four sick children, in addition to recovering from a 6-year-old’s birthday bash, or that we would be fatigued from the midnight wakings of two infant sons. Nor could I have imagined back then how much joy this amount of chaos could bring to our lives.

As much excitement as that first day of marriage brings to a new couple, it is no comparison to the happiness that comes to a relationship seasoned by hearing the laughter of each new child, or surviving the heartache of loss, or accomplishing dreams together. That’s what twelve years should bring to a marriage, and then some. That’s what twelve years has brought to us.

Happy Anniversary, Colin. I love this life I’ve built with you. Our adventures just keep getting better.

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