With a Little Help From My Friends

We made a full recovery. After days of antibiotics and other various remedies, we are back to health again. What a relief.

But it didn’t come by medicine alone. Several kind friends made it possible for us to survive our sicknesses by providing some greatly appreciated TLC.

For instance, after learning of our family’s plague Annie stopped by to bring us homemade soup and rolls. Delicious, especially since by that point I was back to about 85% of my tasting ability.

Then Nanci took pity on us and provided an entire meal with plenty for leftovers throughout the week. Absolutely amazing since she’s one of the busiest (but also kindest) gals I know.

Jo visited one evening (after being gone the entire week chaperoning a middle school camp out) to give me a full facial sinus massage with her heavenly-scented oils.

Plus, Kaitlin came over one day, after our boys came home from school, and helped me (as always!) with Jake and Joey.

Not to mention that Brandy relieved me of my Sharing Time duties one Sunday by extending her own Singing Time lesson, or that Lyndsi offered numerous times to pick up grocery items for me, though I never took her up on it but greatly appreciated the gesture.

I’m so thankful for compassionate friends. To know that others care and are ready to stretch out (busy) hands to help when I need it is so comforting.

2 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends”

  1. I can say from experience that an disproportionately great number of angels reside within the Goleta Ward boundaries. Love them!

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