General Conference Weekend

Every six months, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints tune into the broadcast of General Conference, a series of talks presented by church leaders on ways we can improve and grow as individuals striving to be more Christ-like. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir also sings throughout the meetings. It is an absolutely uplifting two days.

It used to be that you could only view it at a church building, or on television, if you had cable. But recent technology now allows the transmission into every home through the internet, as well as cable and satellite t.v. What a blessing this convenience is to a family with four small children!

I love General Conference! It’s a special time that requires special activities and, of course, special food.

Most people opt for cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which we did for the Saturday morning session. But I also wanted some pancakes, so we made some with cinnamon syrup, which was super delicious, for the Sunday morning session.

We, again, used the M&M game to help Warren pay attention to what was being said during the talks. A helpful way for all of us to take note of the recurring themes and topics.


Warren made himself a little “Conference Fort” with all of the tools to keep him occupied: a General Conference packet filled with coloring pages, the latest issue of The Friend, and some LEGOS. Maddie just enjoyed the M&Ms that seemed to never end. Colin and I were happy to lean back on our ugly loveseat and take in as much of the messages as our kids would allow us to hear. And Jake and Joe only listened to about 5 minutes of each session since they happened to coincide perfectly with their nap times.

Two gatherings with friends between sessions and one Sunday dinner guest made the weekend complete.

Many talks touched my heart, but my favorite was Elder Lynn G. Robbins‘ on “being” versus “doing,” which was applicable to many situations. As a parent, though, his comments on learning from the child who tends to be more difficult were especially powerful reminders to be more patient. To be grateful for the challenges I face with my very different children and grow from the experiences.

I always walk away from conference weekend feeling like I can be the person that I want to be.


4 thoughts on “General Conference Weekend”

  1. Elder Robbins’ talk was my favorite too!! I told Dave I’m going to be a much better parent for about three days, so I’m going to print out the talk and highlight all the important parts and tape it to my mirror, so every three days I can remember and be better. And maybe that will help Anika and I be better friends :).

  2. when i grow up i want to be just like you, jeanne. you actually do all the things that i plan on getting around to. i love you!

  3. I am so happy that someone invented the M&M game! Conference hasn’t been quite the same since kids joined in the fun, but M&M’s certainly help!

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