All I Want for Easter…


is my one front tooth?

It happened at church. He was wiggling it like mad while laying on my lap during Sacrament meeting. Maddie also happened to by occupying part of that space at the same time. Her little foot collided with his mouth and wham, it was out. He couldn’t have been more pleased.

I’ve gotta say, I love this look. The enormous gaps between his teeth are now completely accentuated in the most adorable way. And it doesn’t hurt that there is now a slight whistle when he talks. I hope it takes a long time for the new tooth to grow in.

4 thoughts on “All I Want for Easter…”

  1. That is awesome. Great picture too. Do you think he could avoid growing the new one until October? I’m thinking my chances are pretty slim, but maybe Maddie could kick out his other tooth while we’re there…

  2. So did the Easter Bunny deliver a new tooth? I hope not because I think he’s mighty handsome with only one front tooth. 🙂

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