As a 1930’s Wife I Am…



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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Very Poor (Failure)! Ouch!

My good friend, Sarah, posted this hilarious quiz on her blog and, of course, I had to take it myself. How can you pass up a quirky option like that?

I thought I had it in the bag since I could answer yes to is “a good cook–serves balanced meals,” is “a good hostess–even to unexpected guests” (hey, I always try to pick up the poopy diapers off the floor in case anyone pops by!), and is “an active member of some women’s organization” (thanks for the easy A, Relief Society!).

What a shock to learn I failed and failed miserably. I only scored a 5! All because I don’t wash the top of the milk bottle before opening it or give my husband a shampoo or manicure.

Maybe I should have considered a career as a 1930’s Hollywood starlet instead. At least the wardrobe would have been better. And I could have used that fake, dreamy, pseudo-British accent.

5 thoughts on “As a 1930’s Wife I Am…”

  1. I think the test is broken. I gt a zero!!! Just because I don’t cook and walk around in pjs??? I even counted a ponytail as hair being brushed and pressed!

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