Mormon Helping Hands

Just like last year, our ward (church congregation) participated in a service project called Mormon Helping Hands. Saturday morning, Colin took Warren and Maddie to help our community and Goleta Valley Beautiful with some renovations and repairs using mulch, soil, and wheel barrows. They cleaned planter buckets and filled them with mulch and checked irrigation bags for big tears and patched those that needed repair.

The kids loved it. Not only did they help out but they had a great attitude while doing the work. And they got donuts for their efforts, which always makes things go more smoothly.

I was sad to miss out, but Jake and Joey needed to be home for a proper nap, otherwise we’d all suffer the consequences later.

I love this annual opportunity to work together and serve in our town. And I love that our children can be a part of that service as well.

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  1. Our ward does a similar annual clean-up in local parks and trails. I love giving my kids a chance to do some serious work/service. Daddies teach them lots of good life lessons during those service hours.

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