Super Saturday

The Relief Society organization in our ward (church congregation) has, for the last few years, prepared a day’s worth of craft activities and uplifting classes for all of the women to enjoy. One “Super Saturday” devoted to improving talents and strengthening faith.

The day started at 10AM with an inspiring talk on making the choice to be happy no matter your circumstance. Other classes and workshops I attended were: glass etching, hair accessory making, soap making, and matte decorating, with pictures of the Savior to frame “The Living Christ” document. Lunch was even provided. A fantastic (and nearly free!) mini women’s conference.

However, as far as productivity goes, this Super Saturday was not my day. My incredible husband took all four babies so that I could attend all five hours, and for that I am grateful. But I left almost empty-handed. I only completed one project, the matte decorating:


Everything else I had signed up to create was a bust. The etching class involved stenciling your last name on the bottom of a clear 9×13 casserole dish so that it would never again be confused with another’s lasagna pan. But for some reason (most likely the age of the dish), even after two attempts, the glass would not etch and I walked away with a nameless pan. Lesson learned: use a new pyrex dish for glass etching, not a 12-year-old one like I did.

And even though I got all my felt pieces cut out in petals to make my flower hair clip, I left the classroom with only one stitch sewn out of the 18 that were required to complete the assembly. No cute hair accessory to wear to church the next day for me. Lesson learned: don’t spend too much time gabbing (or finishing your dessert from the lunch buffet) if you want to walk away with a finished product.

But, despite my obvious craftiness inferiority, I am still glad I went. If nothing else, it was nice to get out of the house for awhile and visit with friends. I love the ladies that surround me each Sunday.


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  1. Well, I like your matte decorating, anyway. And between dessert and sewing, I’d choose dessert with you every time!

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