Strawberry Season


We are fortunate enough to live in strawberry country, which pretty much means that we can enjoy the fruit year round. And I do. I buy a half flat once a week and devour the contents almost by myself.

But now it is strawberry season. The most glorious time of the year for strawberry lovers like yours truly. Right now they are at the peak of perfection. Brilliant red, and juicy, and sweet. Absolutely divine.

I heart this fruit. I’m so grateful it exists on the earth.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Season”

  1. I lived within 30 minutes of strawberry country while in college in Florida. I envy you right now. Strawberries are the perfect fruit!

  2. I knew there was a reason we get along so well! I’ve eaten too many of many different things, but never too many strawberries and believe me I’ve tried!

  3. Me, too! Although I don’t get those beautiful California ones. Now you’ll have to eat extra for me! 🙂 Beautiful picture!

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