Date Night

I’m embarrassed to admit that the last time Colin and I went out on a date together was the night before Jake and Joe arrived and I called my friend, Gina, in desperation. We had to go see Harry Potter 7 (part 1) before we became a family of six and could she please help us. She did and we enjoyed our last outing before we became greatly outnumbered.

All these months have passed by and you’d think we would have taken opportunities to venture out alone again but the truth is we’ve just been so busy and so tired the thought of it was too much. Plus I couldn’t imagine anyone being brave enough to willingly take on four small children. Instead, we set aside Friday nights to be together at home– movies on Netflix, games, talking over a tasty treat. Good enough, most of the time.

And then, out of the blue and to my great surprise, two wonderful friends stepped up to the plate and graciously volunteered their time to let us have a break for one night. Really, they suggested and nearly insisted that we go out and let them come over. Never mind that they are brand new moms who could use breaks themselves. That’s charity, folks. Good people.

They came over and made smoothies with the kids, danced, and read books. I told them they’d better watch out or the four may never want them to leave.

Did we do anything romantic or exciting with our time? No. We went to another movie, this time a free showing of the original Pirates of the Caribbean– a cheap date at the Arlington Theater in celebration of its 80th birthday. But we went out. Alone. It was glorious enough and we had a great time.

Thanks, Jenae and Esther! Our kids loved having you play with them. And we greatly appreciated a night out!

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  1. I always wish I could be one of those good people that thinks of things like that. It’s wonderful to have them around so we can learn and be blessed, isn’t it?

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