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The boys are eating real food now. Well, if you call carrots the consistency of pudding “real,” that is.

We actually introduced them to their first pureed dish a couple of months ago, but they looked at us like we were insane for sticking such a substance in their mouths. They neither enjoyed it nor knew what to do with the stuff. Consequently, feedings were sporadic.

But two weeks ago that finally changed. One night Colin fed them squash and it all clicked. Suddenly, food became appealing to them. They’ve been gobbling most things down ever since.

Like their big brother, they seem to be hearty eaters. They usually consume about ΒΌ cup of food and still chug down 6 oz of formula afterward. They should be nice and plump before long.

We have two high chairs, but they take up so much space. Instead, for now, we use these Bumbo chairs that two friends (thanks, Julianna and Megan!) have graciously let us borrow. They sit right on the dining table making them part of every mealtime.

It is quite the circus act to watch two babies being fed by one parent. But it works. One spoonful to Jake, utensil down, pick up Joey’s, and then one spoonful to him. Back and forth and back and forth. Sometimes Joey gets really impatient because I’m taking time away from his dining experience to give Jake a bite. And often I’m also trying to feed myself at the same time. Thankfully, I’ve never mistaken one of their spoons for my own and accidentally consumed pureed green beans.

I love this stage of babyhood. One of the few parts of this infancy experience that truly brings me joy. Introducing them to new tastes brings out the foodie in me. So far, there is little they dislike. They both love sweet potatoes, squash, pears, and applesauce. But they also have their differences. Joey loves peas and green beans. Jake just tolerates them. Neither one really cares for avocados or bananas. We have some work to do.

All in all, I think our future meal experiences are going to work out just fine.

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