Maddie Visits the Dentist

Not wanting to make the same mistake with Maddie’s teeth as we did with Warren’s, we decided to have her visit the dentist earlier rather than later. It went just as we expected. She absolutely refused to let the dentist even peek in her mouth.

Colin took her to the appointment and sat with her in the chair. That minimized the damage somewhat, but there was still crying. And stubborn rejection of any attempts to check her teeth. The dentist was smart and gave Colin a minute alone with Maddie to calm her down. She at least allowed Dad to count her teeth at that point. All 20 baby teeth are now in, so she has a full mouth.

Despite her protests, she was still able to walk out with a toy (a pinwheel with a smiling tooth in the center) and a new toothbrush (Cookie Monster). Not a bad deal for relatively no dental work performed.

3 thoughts on “Maddie Visits the Dentist”

  1. This happened with my girls’ first visit, but they actually got their teeth cleaned and inspected. We went to a fancy pediatric dentist, with tv’s over their chairs. They got to pick a movie. Then they just wailed and wailed in adjacent chairs. I made the dentist check them anyway- hey- if they’re crying their mouths are open, so why not go for it?!

  2. That is a smart dentist- put the Dad to work:) I guess if it’s the only way! Maddie sure is a STRONG willed girl, isn’t she?! 🙂 Our kids HAVE to be tough, that’s for sure.

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