The Traditional Cutting of the Hair


Just like almost every Memorial Day Weekend since he was born, we cut Warren’s hair on Saturday. It’s not as short as last year’s cut, but it’s already making a difference in how much sweat accumulates on his head.

I’ve said this before, but he looks like such a different kid. And I really do love both styles. I’m just glad I get to enjoy them both throughout the year.

(And I would like to state for posterity’s sake that Warren does NOT like the hair cutting process one bit. Many, many screams were heard throughout the house while the buzzers were going. Colin is a very, very patient man. The smile in that “after” picture above is more relief that it’s over than joy in his new ‘do, though he does like it.)

2 thoughts on “The Traditional Cutting of the Hair”

  1. Oh, this does not give me hope!! Ben buzzed Levi’s head and he acted as if we were torturing him!! I was hoping he would grow out of it sooner rather than later… 🙁

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