The Last Day of Kindergarten

I can hardly believe it, but Warren is done with his first year of formal education. Kindergarten came and went in an instant, it seems. Every cliche about how quickly time passes comes to mind as I realize how the rest of his school career will go from this point forward.

We could not have asked for a better experience for him this year. We have adored his teacher, Sonia, and have felt that he was able to grow and flourish thanks to this amazing educator and the wonderful school environment.


As an example of her dedication, every child in the class was given a moment to shine as she presented each with a list of things that she appreciates about him or her. This Appreciation Circle was followed by a bountiful class potluck with friends we’ve come to love throughout the year.

To celebrate the end of a successful year and the beginning of freedom and summer vacation, we took the family to The Elephant Bar where we could dine outside by the airport.


By far, the view of airplanes departing, landing, and being refueled outweighed the thrill of the food, except for the hot fudge sundaes at the end of the meal. Love those recognition award gift certificates.

As expected, Warren was feeling a little down by the end of the day. His tender heart always takes awhile to process the changes that come his way. He has a hard time saying goodbye to the things he loves. It just means that he has enjoyed the experience to the fullest. He went to sleep that night saying how much he was going to miss Sonia, his friends, and Kindergarten.

Only 80 days until he becomes a 1st grader. Is there any way to slow this train down?

3 thoughts on “The Last Day of Kindergarten”

  1. Wow, I just can’t believe how old Warren is getting. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was visiting you in Chicago, and holding that adorable round ball of baby. Please tell him congratulations for me for completing kindergarten!!

    We are still trying to figure out if it’s at all possible to drive down to LA this summer. If we do, we will surely be stopping by SB!! Love you and miss you guys!!

  2. I WISH I knew how to slow that train down! What a sweetheart. I don’t often run into kids who already miss school on the first day off. He has a tender heart, doesn’t he?

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