Double Buzz Cuts

Jake and Joey got their hair cut for the first time. They went for broke. While I thought that Colin was just going to give them a trim, he apparently had other ideas. He took the lowest setting on the clippers to their cute curls and before I could say a thing he had buzzed a stripe down the middle of Jake’s head. There was no going back at that point, so Joey got the same cut when his turn came.

At first I was upset. So was Warren. We both complained even though there was nothing to be done to change it. Warren actually left the bathroom because he just couldn’t watch the demise of his brother’s hair.

But now I like their little bald heads. It makes their eyes pop out even more. Again, we can’t post pictures of them sporting their new look, but I can show you the aftermath of the cutting:


Both boys were fairly calm, even at the sound of the clippers buzzing by their heads. Much easier than cutting Warren’s hair, though he too started out taking the process in stride.

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