Temple Trip: Canceled

Maddie was sick last weekend so, of course, Warren had to have a turn. I don’t think the events are related because Maddie never had any other symptoms that we knew about. Just our luck that Warren came down with the stomach flu on the day we had planned to go to the temple.

We were slated to leave Friday morning, staying at the temple apartments that night and participating in our Ward (church congregation) Temple Day on Saturday. We were even going to eat pizza with Paul and Sarah and their three kids Friday night. The plans were all in place.

Warren woke up Friday morning complaining of a headache. All he wanted to do was sit on the couch since most movement seemed like too much effort for him. He reluctantly ate his breakfast after he assured me that he was not nauseated. I took it at face value.

I had a Cub Scout planning meeting taking place at our house that morning (part of my assignment as one of the counselors in the Primary Presidency). As if suddenly thrown into some ridiculous farce, everything around me started falling apart. I welcomed my first guest in the door at 9:30AM and by 9:31AM Warren had thrown up all over the carpet in his bedroom, blueberries and blackberries and all from that breakfast he never wanted to eat. He had tried to make it down the top bunk to the bathroom but it was just too far to go. I ran in to inspect the damage just as the second guest showed up. It was at that moment that Maddie decided to poop in her diaper, with a smell I could not avoid.

And then we started the meeting– without me having a chance to clean up the vomit mess! (More on this in a minute.) Thankfully, I could pause the meeting long enough to change the offensive diaper. Meanwhile, Warren went back up to the top bunk and fell asleep. I didn’t see him again until the meeting ended an hour later.

After checking his temperature with a read of 102.9 degrees, I called Colin. We both agreed we would have to cancel our trip to the temple.

When Warren heard the news he burst into tears. He wanted to go so badly and begged to move forward with the original plans. I wish I could have said yes, but I could see from his weak state that he was only going to get worse. And he did.

He was so sick. His temperature remained at 102 for several hours and he continued to puke the entire day. All he could do was lie on the couch and sleep. He’d occasionally wake up and watch a show to keep his mind off the terrible feeling of nausea. I felt so bad for him.

We missed a great opportunity to see friends and visit the temple as a family, but I know there is nothing else we could have done. At least he recovered fully the next day and no one else got sick.

Now back to the carpet. I couldn’t get to it for a couple of hours because I had to take care of Ren, and Maddie, and Jake and Joey needed feeding, and the list goes on. I dreaded the clean-up even though we did buy a wet-vac after the last carpet incident.  Warren was passed out on the couch and Jake and Joe were content on their bellies so I took Maddie with me to face the stain.

It looked bad. Bright pink and purple stains that I figured would never come out. I would have taken a picture but I did not want to gross anyone out! Too bad I didn’t because I was amazed at the results of a little bit of OxiClean solution and the sucking power of our wet-vac. I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial, but the spots are completely gone. You can’t even tell there was ever a problem.

Things I am thankful for after this weekend:

  • OxiClean
  • Wet-vacs
  • Instant viewing on Netflix
  • A husband who is willing to clean out the wet-vac after it’s sucked up vomit

Life isn’t so bad.


3 thoughts on “Temple Trip: Canceled”

  1. oh man! You poor guys! I cannot believe that. I’m glad that you’re all better now. You ARE all better now, right? 🙂

  2. you are my hero. it cracks me up that the meeting went on with the vomit sitting on the floor. you are one DEDICATED Primary leader. I’m afraid I probably would have invited Guest 1 and Guest 2 to come back another time. You rock.

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