Future Wife


We received a set of these mugs as a wedding gift. They really only see the light of day when we drink hot chocolate or, in this case, hot vanilla (hot milk, 1 TBS vanilla Torani syrup, whipped cream) when the weather is cooler.

Back when Warren was three, he caught me off guard when he made the following comment.

“Mama, that’s you in the red and that’s my wife in the blue.”

I laughed and told him I liked that idea. It must mean that I’ll be friends with whoever he marries. And I hope that’s true.

He and I had a “date” at home this afternoon, sipping our warm milk and planning activities for the summer. He made that same comment again and I had to smile. I wonder who he’ll marry. I just hope that whoever she turns out to be under that blue hat will equal, if not rival, his kind heart.

5 thoughts on “Future Wife”

  1. I always love seeing your new posts, but sad to hear that Warren was so sick– and it was temple trip time to boot! It totally feel your pain. I can just imagine how preciously cute all your kiddos are. Wish we could somehow get together… hey do you ichat or skype??

  2. I love that he expects you to be friends. And I love how she has her face covered. It makes it such a mystery, doesn’t it?

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