This Father’s Day

No one else could be so agreeable, so even-tempered, so patient in the midst of our chaotic household, with the four little personalities we call our children, as is their dad, Colin. If I haven’t made it clear before, this man is an absolutely wonderful father in every way imaginable. Kind, loving, involved, and dedicated, he’s in there, in the trenches, day and night (sometimes more than I in the wee hours of the morning) with a positive attitude and a remarkable ability to laugh at the ridiculous. And with four young children, there are many occasions to observe the ridiculous.

He is creative and fun, and makes them giggle as he tickles them to the ground, and knows just the right thing to say to diffuse a potentially disastrous meltdown. He is an incredible example of dependability, organization, integrity, and faith– all important attributes I would be grateful to have my children possess.

So when he made a request for Monkey Bread for Father’s Day breakfast, it was the least I could do to express my appreciation. An easy pleasure to fulfill. Almost too easy, really. He deserves a 5 course breakfast, if such a thing exists.


He was more than pleased with the results.

After church, we were invited to attend a party for some Angels friends who recently finalized the adoption of their two sons. The outdoor BBQ celebration took place on the top of the hillside of Carpinteria, with spectacular views like this one:


The event was the perfect end to a day remembering the importance of fathers in the lives of children. This wonderful family finally received the blessing of being legally bound together, father, mother, and two little sons. Where these boys would have otherwise not had the opportunity, they would now enjoy the gift of a loving, dedicated father. What a joyful experience to see it all come together for them.

This Father’s Day, I can’t help but acknowledge the blessing in my life of knowing two wonderful fathers, both my own dad and the dad to my sweet babies. How grateful I am that I was raised by a loving man who set the standard for me to go and find such a man to raise my own children. My heart is full with love for them both.


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  1. I agree. You’re pretty lucky. But then, so is he. You’re an even match. 🙂 (I wouldn’t mind that monkey bread recipe when you get a chance. It looks pretty amazing).

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