June Gloom


Dear Marine Layer,

Look. I know you make an appearance at the beginning of every summer here in coastal California, but do you have to be so prompt? We hadn’t even finished turning the calendar before you rolled into town. It’s now June 21st, Summer Solstice and supposed beginning of a hotter season, and we’ve already endured your presence for the last 20 days. Thanks for giving us at least one day of sunshine, you tease.

Why don’t you take a lesson from May Gray? She barely showed up last month and we subsequently enjoyed many days of sunshine. Surprises like that go much farther than predictability, you know.

I realize you’ve got to live up to your reputation and follow the meteorology guidelines, but must you be so constant or so long-lasting? You’re supposed to burn off by the early afternoon, or have you forgotten that end of the bargain?

You might think that I have no room to complain because most months we enjoy 75 degree weather, especially in January, while the rest of the country endures scraping ice off windshields and donning heavy coats through the end of April. But how are we supposed to eat popsicles outside in the backyard, or enjoy BBQs at the beach when you just won’t go away?

Just do me a favor, will you? Call it quits early this year. If you promise to relegate your stay to your namesake month only, and not bleed into July or August like previous years, then I will stop groaning when I see you outside my window, even at 3PM. What say you?

Yours respectfully,



2 thoughts on “June Gloom”

  1. Yeah! Get out of there marine layer!! I believe you are allowed approximately 10 hours per day for 30 days, so that’s 300 hours TOTAL. I believe you’ve more than accomplished that.

    Jeannie you are hilarious.

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