Back in the Game

It takes me approximately 7 months after a new baby joins our family to get back into the groove of things. This statement is by no means a brag. It feels like an eternity of upheaval and chaos before this transition occurs. I wish I could say that this time around it was that slow because we had two babies, but I know better. The infancy stage always broadsides me and I struggle with those first few months of complete neediness of all my time and energy. It’s a good thing those little creatures are so cute!

But we’ve settled into a nice routine now. The babies can sleep through the night, when they’re not teething or sick, and I can pretty much count on them to nap from 9-11 in the morning and 2-4 in the afternoon. Good boys.

I don’t know if it’s the independence that comes with age, or regular sleeping times, or what, but this 9-month mark is generally the time where I can finally see the light of day. I can actually feel myself get a grasp back on life and regain some control of my household.

For instance, I’m now able to get the dishes unloaded from the dishwasher in the morning and almost completely loaded with the day’s dirties before the kids go to bed. Dinner is mostly ready by 5PM again, or at least 5:30PM. I can often wash a load of laundry, though folding and putting away are still a challenge (thank goodness Colin usually takes care of those steps!). And I am able to clean and straighten up fast enough to still have some time to myself in the evening. I can even prepare for the next day (making bottles to stick in the fridge, pulling the breakfast items for the kids to make them ready to go, etc.) without being interrupted by a wailing child. That’s progress.

Hallelujah, organization! It feels good to get a handle on things again.

3 thoughts on “Back in the Game”

  1. Oh, I am anxiously waiting for James to get to a less needy stage! I feel your pain when it comes to infants!! It really is a good thing they are so darned cute!!

    Congratulations on making it through!

  2. That is all very impressive. I don’t know how you do all that you do! I’m lucky these days if I get dressed and I only have TWO:)

  3. I’m thoroughly impressed. I always give myself 18 months, and I have never had two at a time! (with a two-year-old).

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