Birthday Celebration at the DMV


I don’t know how it happened but on the eve of my birthday I found myself with an expiring driver’s license. No warning, no notice in the mail, just a panic realization that I would be illegal to drive after July 1, 2011. Obviously providence was not sending me warm birthday greetings.

So, it was under these circumstances that I found myself heading to the Department of Motor Vehicles. On my birthday. Not exactly the kind of venue where I hoped to celebrate, but I didn’t have much choice. Scheduling conflicts made it impractical to postpone renewing the document so I sucked it up and went into the office without an appointment. At least Colin could stay home with the kids since he only had to work half the day (an HR incentive he gets to enjoy every other Friday until Labor Day). So, instead of relaxing with a good book at home or painting my toenails, I spent precious afternoon nap time minutes waiting my turn in a blue plastic chair at the DMV. Thankfully, it only took one hour from the time I arrived to the time I finished taking my new license picture.

It wasn’t so bad. During those 50 minutes of waiting I was able to read and answer emails, read the scriptures, catch up with blogs on my Google Reader, and play Angry Birds. Productivity made possible by my trusty DROID.

But the day was not completely filled with bureaucracy and endless waiting. I had many moments of simple joys.

Like lunch with my four children at Roll-a-Lot sushi followed by my own Neapolitan mixture of frozen yogurt at it’s companion store, Yo-a-Lot. Mmmm… yum-a-lot.


And sunshine that brought warm temperatures throughout the whole week. I guess the elements just needed a little coaxing.

And a tasty chocolate cake made especially for me by my friend, Mary Karlee.


We decided that, in the interest of a) sparing ourselves the chore of preparing our own birthday cakes, and b) sparing our capable, but busy, husbands the task of making them, we would do a birthday cake swap for each other. Check back in late August to see what I create for her…

Then, at the end of the day, we sat outside in the warm evening air and ate BBQ beef ribs with all the fixings and finished by singing Happy Birthday to me just before digging into that chocolate goodness.


Government agency offices aside, it was a pretty good day.

Editor’s Note: No, I am not 32. And I’m OK admitting that now. Warren just really wanted to use the only “numbered” candles that we had. I guess people are missing the additional 4 regular candles sitting in front. I promise I am not trying to deceive the world.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration at the DMV”

  1. Happy unbirthday! I love the cake swap idea! genius! Sorry about the dmv- I had to go there recently- also thankfully without kids, and I was kinda happy to get some reading time in! Not too shabby.

  2. Umm, I realized a week after my birthday that my license had expired. But I renewed online so I am still waiting for the new one to arrive… Oops! Your hair is long, and purdy!!

  3. Hhhmmm…this makes me curious about when mine expires…Happy Belated! And that is such a great idea about the cake swap! Yours looks divine.

  4. So sorry I missed your birthday Jeannie! I have been sick and traveling. Blah. I’m happy to hear about the simple joys of your day – That cake looks divine! As does your gorgeous long hair!

  5. I am so glad to see I am not the only one enjoying your LONG BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!! You look GREAT!! Happy 32nd birthday :).

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