Summer To Do List

Someday, I hope to prepare something like Julianna made for their summer activities list:


Darling, no? Or maybe have a giant chalk board with a huge list and adorable decor like this family’s. But, for now, I’ll just be glad we got around to writing it down.

I love that we now have at least one kid who is old enough to contribute. Sure, they’re not lofty goals and they are a bit Warren-centric, but I think we can include everyone in most activities. Maddie was most excited about eating popsicles and Jake and Joe will definitely enjoy feeding the ducks. Something for everyone on this list.

It’s going to be a great vacation.


What are you planning for the summer?

5 thoughts on “Summer To Do List”

  1. You need to add “Type the Sopers an Email” to that list. 😉

    Or better yet, “Visit the Sopers” 🙂

  2. I love this list idea so much, I had to steal it. We’re making our list together today. Thanks for the great idea!

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