July 4th Celebrations

Just like every other year since we moved here, we started the day at our ward’s 8AM flag raising ceremony and pancake breakfast. And just like last year, Colin had to rush Warren off to the start of his 9AM AYSO soccer camp before the pancakes were finished cooking on the griddle. Bad timing that we hope to avoid next year.

Later, Colin took Warren to see “Cars 2” in the theater with some friends. I stayed home with the napping children and the youngest child of the family they joined so that it could be a pleasant viewing experience for the theatergoers.

For dinner we had black bean burgers with avocados and creamy chive sauce (thanks for the recipe idea, Jenna!), watermelon, and corn on the cob. And it wouldn’t be summertime or 4th of July without something strawberry, so we made the most excellent strawberry shortcakes I’ve ever tasted. Eating outside made everything taste that much better.

We discovered last year that we can see the fireworks show from our roof and wondered if they were high enough to view from the grass in the backyard. We told Warren we would let him stay up and watch them with us to see. We killed time waiting until the 9PM start by introducing him to “The Princess Bride.” Classic. Hopefully, he will one day have as many lines memorized from that movie as Colin and I do.

To our delight and Warren’s initial fear (he hates even the thought of loud noises) we could see and hear most all the fireworks. The only thing lacking was the patriotic music blasting over speakers. “You’re a Grand Old Flag” was sorely missed. By the grand finale, all was right with Warren and we all enjoyed the bright display.

A wonderful, relaxing day spent eating good food and reflecting on the great country we call home.

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