Family Pictures 2011

I had been bugging Colin for the longest time about taking family pictures together. The last one we had was two years old and showed how uncooperative Warren was being at that moment. I wanted something that we could hang up on the wall that included all of our children. I knew that I wanted Tami to take the pictures, but since she lives so far away, I thought it was a hopeless idea.

And then she decided to take a mini vacation to visit us! And she was willing to photograph us while she was here, too! It was literally a dream come true.

I could not be more please with how they came out. There was much bribery, I assure you. But it was entirely worth every scoop of ice cream promised to get the shots that she was able to coax out of my four distracted children. See for yourself.

I love them all! So much! There are many more, but I don’t want to bore you. Plus I need to save some for the Christmas cards.

I wish I could show you my favorite one, but since we still cannot post pictures of Jake and Joe, you’ll just have to wait. There’s a good story too, but it would lose something in translation if I posted it with the question mark over Jake’s face. Trust me. If you know me personally and are friends with me on FaceBook, you can see it there.

Tami, you are an amazingly talented photographer! I feel so grateful that you would take the time to capture these priceless images of our family.

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