Soccer Summer Camp

For one week in the summer, Warren gets to spend time with coaches from the United Kingdom that AYSO brings over for soccer camp. Just hearing them speak is enough reason to sign him up. If only he’d come home with a British accent in addition to increased dribbling skills!

His coach this season was actually from Germany. He enjoyed “World Cup” and “Fox Chase Rabbit” games that Coach Dana assigned to the kids, even in the very warm sunshine. At the end of the week, he gave her a container of Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies, which she shared with the kids during break (ulterior motives behind his gift?), and a bouquet of sunflowers. All his idea to say thanks for a great camp experience.

This is the second year in a row that he’s begged to go to this camp. He’s already thinking ahead to next year. I suppose it’s officially a part of his summer activities now.

2 thoughts on “Soccer Summer Camp”

  1. Okay seriously, that kid is so creative, I think you should totally teach him how to speak with a British accent. Just for fun. And teach Maddie how to speak with a spanish accent. And the twins maybe whatever that carribean dialect is called… pidgen or something? Then they can all have a conversation with different accents. AWESOME.

  2. I LOVE when kids give the gift they’re hoping you’ll share with them. Cracks me up. You can’t blame them for great planning, right?

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