The boys are just beginning to crawl. They’re in that funny stage where you put them on their bellies, turn your back for a second and, when you look back, find they’ve moved several feet without ever leaving the ground. Magic.

Jake is the more advanced of the two. He pushes himself backwards and slithers to find a new treasure. Joey is more content to hang out in one spot and chew on the same toy for several minutes. Both can prop themselves up on their hands and knees and rock for a bit, but then it’s back down on their bellies to actually move.

Jake loves to explore. Usually, that exploration results in scooting under the table. He loves to hide out under there. I’ll pull him out and before I know it, he’s back underneath again. It’s his own little hideaway.

The boys should be really crawling soon. Look out, world. Two babies will soon be on the loose.

One thought on “Hideaway”

  1. That is such a fun trick until one of them cracks his head on the table. Then they get so irritated at you for creating a room around them that has these kinds of hazards.

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