Natural History Museum Outing

Checking off our Summer To Do list was slow-going at first, but we kicked it into gear the last week of summer break.

We went, once again, to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, this time by ourselves. The kids enjoyed the same exhibits and the addition of Butterflies Alive! that runs through the end of the summer. We didn’t make it to the planetarium this time either (sorry, Krissie!) because by the time it would have started Maddie was 100% done with the museum. One day we will experience the astronomical wonders SBMNH has to offer, but it would not be this day!

If you have time to see the butterfly exhibit, I highly recommend it. Butterflies are dripping all over the enclosed structure. It’s quite an amazing sight. But don’t try to go in with your stroller like I had the audacity to attempt! Be expected to carry your infant through the entire display, even if you have two! Thanks a bunch, Unfriendly Docent.

2 thoughts on “Natural History Museum Outing”

  1. You are forgiven. I’m glad you liked the butterfly exhibit, sorry you got a cranky docent. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for Maddie to enjoy astronomy. I’ll admit that it’s a bit of a stretch for young kids. Luckily, the Museum has so much more to offer until she is ready! Wish I could have come with you, I miss the Museum and the butterfly exhibit. And even the cranky docents.

  2. The butterfly muscles picture kills me! Hilarious. I tried taking four first graders into a butterfly exhibit on a field trip last year. I’m not sure which would be worse – eight year old boys running free or carrying two babies. Beautiful, though.

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