The Last Day of Summer Vacation

I asked Warren what he wanted to do on the last day of his summer break. He decided on the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, another item on our to do list. An absolutely gorgeous place to be, especially on a beautiful sunny day.

Jake and Joey kind of got the shaft on their morning nap just so we could fit this outing in before the many other activities we had planned on this busy day. Other events included a visit from our county social worker (We’ve made progress in our quest to adopt the boys! I promise I’ll post all that I can soon.), a parent-teacher-child conference with Warren’s first grade teacher, and time to play in the sprinklers.

Maddie is becoming increasingly more resistant to walking any longer than five minutes. We did a lot of resting on the benches scattered throughout these beautiful grounds. But she still threw a fit and stood stubborn and unmoving when I said it was time to walk back to the car. I got tired of waiting for her to follow us, and I can’t really carry her anymore and push Jakey and Joey in the stroller, so I acted on a random thought/prompting I had: put her on top of the stroller canopy.

Worked like a charm. She got to sit while I had an easier time pushing all three children than I would have had coaxing her along to keep up. A queen on her throne.

After the other appointments ended, we came home and realized that the day was warmer than most we’d had all summer. We turned on the sprinklers and enjoyed time in the backyard. No pictures, however. We were too wet and too busy to think about the camera.

It was a perfect afternoon and evening together. We ate Woodstock’s pizza outside, had popsicles that dripped down onto little hands (and bellies), and sat for awhile in the warm summer air. It was our last moment of freedom before the busy school and soccer schedules would take over again. I didn’t want it to end.

On the eve of the new school year, I found myself tearful at the thought of Warren’s absence from our lunch table once again. I’m sure that summer just began yesterday, so how could he already be heading back to school? His vacation is over and I am truly sad. The time it took to get here seemed to pass in an instant.

I’ll be fine. I’ll get used to him being gone again. I just wish I didn’t have to.

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