Birthday Cake Swap

Mary Karlee and I made a brilliant arrangement this summer. It was her idea, actually. I just went along with what I recognized to be a good plan. We decided to swap the responsibility of making birthday cakes for one another. That way, we wouldn’t have to prepare our own treat or expect our completely capable, yet busy husbands to create a time-consuming dessert for our special days. (Seriously, we know you guys could do it, but why stress you out any more than necessary?)

She made me this chocolate cake on my birthday. What a treat to have a delicious cake delivered to your door by a good friend!

I completed my end of the deal this week. She asked me to prepare this recipe for a citrus cake with berries on top.

I sampled a bit using the leftover cut cake tops and scraping the frosting bowl and it seemed quite tasty to me. Hopefully, MK was pleased with the results.

I have to say, I’m thinking this is the beginning of a long tradition. Mary Karlee, now you just have to agree to hold out living here longer than most graduate student families do and we’re good.

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