What Maddie Says

In an attempt to document Maddie’s never-ending list of funny expressions and interpretations of the English language, I’ve compiled a few of our favorites into this blog post. Some of them are (sadly) now said correctly and some of them are just emerging. Most of all, they’re little gems I never want to forget:

Hopital – hospital
Legabub – ladybug
Cone I like some more… – Can I have some more…
Golg – gold
Submarine – nectarine
Ointmeal – oatmeal
Skeston – skeleton
Matkin – napkin
Go in the outside – go outside
Bluebellies – blueberries
Water mountain – water fountain
Psssghetti – spaghetti
Hangaber – hamburger
Ore port – airport
Lellow – yellow
Old McDonald – McDonald’s (fast food)
Cram ya – camera
Gisdusting – disgusting
He thinks my funny! – He thinks Maddie is funny!

It’s true. We do think my, I mean Maddie, is funny!

5 thoughts on “What Maddie Says”

  1. That is so funny. I love the little missayings and I’m so sad when thry end. Pinano (piano) was my favorite. Ani just busted out the “old McDonald’s” yesterday too when she told me a toy was hers. As in “I got it when Grandma took me to Old McDonald’s.” I guess we don’t take our kids there often enough, or at least they are much more familiar with the song.

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