Amateur Hair Cut

Remember how I told you Maddie likes to find mischief? And remember how I made a mental note to remove scissors from her reach before I left the room for any length of time?

I failed to heed my own warning.

All this just four days before she performs her flower girl duties in my cousin’s wedding.

I didn’t think about the potential since I was just in the kitchen finishing the dishes and she was having a grand time cutting her Sponge Bob coloring book into little pieces, much like she did on our Seattle trip.

At least her hair is curly so it just looks layered. Like the lead singer in a 1980’s rock band, that is. I remained surprisingly calm as I had her repeat the phrase, “Only Mama can cut my hair, not Maddie,” about 20 times.

I didn’t get a picture of it but she cut the very top piece of her bangs all the way back to the middle of her head. It could be much worse. She could have cut the bottom portion of her bangs all the way to her scalp.

I best remember to keep scissors secure lest she attempts that look.

2 thoughts on “Amateur Hair Cut”

  1. I read the flower girl entry first, and I didn’t notice any amateur hair cuts! Whew! My daughter did the middle of the forehead, two inches wide of the bangs all the way to the scalp variety.

  2. Ah, the blessing of curly hair! Jolie’s has been of great benefit. (Sadly though, it is generally because I’m covering up my own cutting mistakes, and not hers.)

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