Little Flower Girl

This was a big assignment for a little 2.5-year-old, but my cousin, Jackie, asked if Maddie would be the flower girl in her wedding. I told her as long as she didn’t mind the fact that a kid this age could be quite the loose cannon and completely unpredictable, she was her girl. Jackie agreed to roll with the punches– a haphazard flower girl could be just as cute as a compliant one.

We prepped her for months. Jackie even got Maddie a cute picture book about a flower girl on her big day, which came equipped with fake petals with which to practice. “Step, sprinkle, step, sprinkle,” we told her as she clutched her little basket and hoped the procedure would become familiar if not routine.

But I have to admit, I was more than a little stressed about what she would do on the big day. My two concerns were: a) that she would scream, and b) that she would flat out refuse to participate when the moment came.

I need not have feared. Maddie did just fine. There was no screaming and no real resistance in performing her duties. I did have to accompany her down the aisle since she didn’t want to walk alone or with anyone else, but it was acceptable.

The 20 minutes of waiting prior to the ceremony were a little rough, however; she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see Dad or Nana and Hotda who were already seated in the audience.

Heavy, heavy bribery promising yogurt covered raisins at the end of her task kept her from completely melting down before the event even started. We barely made it through that part.

It was an outdoor wedding, so at least any sounds she did make would be muted. But there were few. She walked down the aisle in the golden sunshine looking as darling as I could have ever imagined. No real petals were actually sprinkled. Just the few that dropped out when she started to yank the basket away at my reminder to put some on the ground. “I don’t want to!” she snapped, to everyone’s amusement.

The ceremony that was supposed to last only 30 minutes quickly began to indicate its extended length. At the first peep she made, Colin whisked her away to the other end of the lawn where she snacked on Cheerios and Craisins and chased a few rabbits.

In the end, my sweet cousin seemed really pleased that Maddie participated. That was all I cared about. And since Maddie adores Jackie and her new husband, Chris, she was happy to help them. Success all around.

After the professional pictures were take, Colin drove her back home where she joined her brothers as our dear, amazing friends, Leslie and her daughter Ali, babysat them for the rest of the evening. He rejoined me at the reception to finish off the event.

She never did let me put the crown of flowers on her head for the ceremony. But a couple days later she willingly placed it over her curls so I could take one picture.

Two-year-olds. They only do what they want to do. Thankfully, her desires coincided with the rest of ours for this event. Phew!

Note: I didn’t get one picture of Jackie and Maddie together, or Jackie and Chris for that matter. I don’t know how that happened! But be assured that she was a beautiful bride and I was honored to be a small part of her special day.

5 thoughts on “Little Flower Girl”

  1. You two are beautiful together in that first picture! Oh, I can only imagine the stress you were feeling- two year olds ARE such loose cannons! You put it perfectly. I’m glad all went fine:)

  2. Good thing Mama looked so amazing to accompany her girl down the aisle! I’m glad you went with the loose hair in the end. I know its your favorite. ­čÖé

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