Family Reunion at the Wedding

My cousin’s wedding allowed for a mini family reunion on my mom’s side. Not everyone could come, but the small gathering was a good opportunity to catch up since some people had not seen each other for a few years.

The proud father of the bride is my mom’s youngest brother, pictured bottom left. (He and his incredible wife threw an amazing party; Aunt Pat coordinated the whole event from the east coast even though the wedding took place in Santa Barbara!) My mother is seated on the bottom right, her younger sister is just above her, and their other brother is on the top left.

The four siblings live all over the country and therefore don’t see much of one another. This wedding was an important chance for them to reconnect, even just for the evening.

Distance makes it difficult to really know people, even if they are family members. Our family has always been spread out, which is why, sadly, I don’t know my extended relatives. Sometimes I long for the olden days where family lived in the same town together and everyone relied on one another to get through life. Leaving the nest, moving on to find your own adventures is a great and often strengthening path to take, but it has its price, too.

I was glad to see them all this day. I only wish that the time between reunions wasn’t so long.

3 thoughts on “Family Reunion at the Wedding”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of your mom with her siblings. She is so beautiful! It truly captures that and I love it!

  2. The “olden days”? I think you just mean you want to live in a small town like the Tri-Cities where everyone stays forever :).

  3. I have always loved your Dad’s smile. You had a picture in your house of the two of you together on your wedding day that was always very striking to me.

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