As He Walks Away

Now that Warren is in first grade, we’re no longer required to walk him to his classroom in the morning. This makes life so much easier for me as now I don’t have to unload Maddie, Jake, and Joey from the car, transfer the boys to the stroller, struggle with Maddie’s whining about being held, and move at an incredibly slow pace to the back of the campus, only to have to bring the crew back to the car in the reverse process. I’m grateful for this change. I am.

But still. When I pull up to the drop off curb and wish him a great day as he climbs out of the car, I can’t help but glance in the rear view mirror as he walks away. There is something about that scene– how he looks around to see if anyone he knows is walking his way, his slow gait, how often he ends up heading to the classroom alone yet fully capable of getting there on his own– that makes me feel such a pang of tenderness for this boy that’s growing up so fast.

2 thoughts on “As He Walks Away”

  1. You are so right, for some reason it is the little things that really get me. Like getting in bed next to Anika and telling her to scoot over, and she actually does it. Random, I know, but babies don’t do that, and it took me by surprise and made me just that tiny bit sad.

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