Soccer: Season 3

Another year of soccer has begun. Again, Colin is coaching Warren’s team. This year’s name: Lightning Strikes Back.

This time things are going a little better with the “Dad-is-my-coach” situation. Colin worked out a reward system for helping Warren remember to have a good attitude, especially at practices. This system, as you might have guessed, involves receiving LEGOs. Whatever works.

Warren’s first game was amazing. Not because our team won, or scored any goals, for that matter. It was awesome because Warren seemed to “wake up” out on the field and actually engaged in the game the entire time. He can really plow through those kids when he makes his mind up to do so! He was a soccer powerhouse!

After it was over, we went out for the traditional post-game scoop of ice cream.

The kids always go for the fruity flavors. The ones that are brightest and leave the most stains, of course.

I think Warren may have overdosed on his “Cotton Candy” but he valiantly pressed on to finish.

Participating in soccer every autumn is taxing on our family’s schedule. We don’t have a Saturday free until Thanksgiving. But I think this year, our time spent will be worth the effort.

Colin is a fun, devoted coach that knows how to get the kids excited to play. He even designed the team banner above. Warren is improving weekly in his skill level and ability to play the game. And I think he actually likes it.

So we’ll keep going with this fall ritual. At least for a few more seasons.

2 thoughts on “Soccer: Season 3”

  1. You know I love the banner, but I didn’t realize Colin had a matching shirt with a lightning bolt on it! Sweet action.

  2. My family remembers all those weeks of going together to everyone’s games and traditions like the ice cream better than all of the “events” we had on our free weeks. Traditions are good for building families. The crazy schedule is worth it, I think. And Colin’s banner is awesome!

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