Crawling Techniques

Both babies are mobile now, but they aren’t moving around in quite the same way.

Jake decided that full-out crawling on hands and knees could get him where he wanted to go faster than the alternative.

Joey still prefers the alternative. He still moves around on his belly rather than on his hands and knees in a true crawl. He hasn’t figured out yet that his crazy, dead-leg, pulling-himself-forward-with-his-two-little-arms “army crawl” could be improved upon, especially since he’s pretty fast as he slithers around from room to room. Something akin to Warren’s tactic at that age, only without the props or the alternating legs.

His arms have got to be so strong by now.

No matter their technique, it is fun to see them getting around. They are so happy to have found their own ways to explore. And they’re so proud of their new-found independence. So are we.

Now to help them master walking…


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