Squish, Splatter, and Roll

Maddie loves to do art. She can sit for long periods of time and color, draw, cut paper… these are skills that saved us on recent trips on the plane and in the car.

Our community has several preschool age classes that are offered through the City College for a nominal fee. My friend, Gina, has been taking her daughter, Sacha, to this particular class for some time and invited us to join them. I knew Maddie would have a great time with all the paint, playdough, and other messy media I’m always hesitant to pull out at home so I signed her up.

She loves it! It’s so fun to see her move from project to project enjoying each task. And true to her independent self, she wants to do all of it on her own. And usually she can. She’s such a big girl now. When she sits down at those little tables on one of those little chairs to work on a project she just seems so grown up.

Here is her very first, official painting. I forgot to ask her what the blue mass is but you know art can be interpreted so many ways. I’ll let you speculate on its meaning.

The class structure is great because Teacher Bonnie, with loooooooooong strawberry blonde hair, sets up several stations inside but still gives the kids opportunities to venture outside to do finger painting in shaving cream or just climb out on the playground equipment. Maddie always prefers to mix a little playground work with her art work.

I love that she has something of her very own to do. She’s excited every Wednesday to tell Renny that she is going to her class. She gets to take a snack with her and everything. She’s hit the big time now.

Kindergarten hardly seems far away at this point. *Sigh*

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  1. Maddie turns 3 at the beginning of December, right? Seems about right for her to drop a nap, but I understand the sadness you feel. Ive actually been encouraging drew to drop his but he can only do one day without before he turns into a monster. It sure would help me have more flexibility in my schedule!

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