DIY: Backyard Playground

Inspired by Julianna and Danny’s recent acquisition, Colin and I saved up to buy our own playground set for the backyard. It was a large investment we knew would return many great memories in the years to come.

We saw a few sets on that looked like fun, so when one went on sale this summer we decided to go for it. For the same price as the less expensive model, we could get more features, shipping included. It was even cheaper if we opted to build the thing ourselves.

Or we could spend $200 to have them assemble it for us. I wanted to pay the extra money just to have it completed right away. Colin assured me that going the frugal route was better since he could manage putting it together himself just fine. No doubt there. He’s a pretty handy guy. Just when would he find the time to do it, though?

Let the record show that we willfully chose the do-it-yourself option.

When the 5 boxes were delivered on a large wooden pallet and hauled (by Colin and our kind friend, Shawn) into our backyard, I looked and Colin and asked, “Are you sure about this?” He reiterated that he would get the job done.

Exactly four Saturdays later, the project was completed. There was much whining, and pleading, and overall impatience before it was over. And that was mostly from me! Let’s just say the subject became a bone of contention between me and my sweet husband. I just wanted it done and he could only go as fast as the weekends (well, Saturdays) would allow.

Each step was painfully slow. I only documented a few of them, but let me assure you that the process was quite labor intensive. These pictures only give you a taste of the construction.

If I were to do it again, I would pay the extra money for someone else to finish it in one day. Colin tried to reason that, by doing it ourselves, we were also teaching our children about patience and working for something that we wanted. True. And valuable lessons, for sure. However, sometimes you just want things to be done. Right then.

He did a fantastic job, of course, even picking out the green paint for the roof and red for the chimney. The kids love it and are out swinging almost every day.

It’s over. It’s done. We’re happy with the results. Let’s just leave the subject at that.

5 thoughts on “DIY: Backyard Playground”

  1. hahhaha! i love this post. i love you and colin and i am so happy that it is complete and done and being enjoyed. :0) nothing better to test and try and push you to learn and grow in your relationship than a good ole DIY project!

  2. So does “DYI” stand for “Do Yourself In”?? The paint he picked is perfect – I thought it came like that! Props to Colin for a great job building it.

  3. Looking at all those parts in the box makes my head explode! Well done Colin!! And good choice going with the seesaw swing model – My kids are obsessed with those!

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