Jake and Joey Turn One!

Our sweet baby boys were turning one so we had to throw a birthday bash in their honor. The theme: Double Scoop. Get it? Double? Twins? Yeah, we’re clever like that.

We served ice cream with a fine assortment of toppings in cones, bowls, and for the particularly messy, both.

Plus I made simple chocolate cupcakes because everyone wants to see little babies digging in to that kind of mess.

Both boys were skeptical at first but managed to find it in them to consume at least some of the chocolatey goodness.

Jake preferred to squish the cake more than devour it.

Joey carefully picked his cupcake apart and actually got some in his mouth.

With our newly completed (like 2 days before) playground set, we had instant party entertainment. The kids all had a blast climbing on the structure making it worth that intensive labor.

Good friends. Good treats. The party was a perfect way to celebrate our little boys.

Jake, you are a go-get-’em-mover who’s determined to figure out and explore the world. When you race down the hallway in a speed crawl, laughing and shrieking in delight, it melts our hearts. You are sweet to your siblings and a real charmer. We adore your toothy grin and the way you often rock back and forth as if dancing to whatever song is playing.

Joey, you are the biggest goofball! We love how silly you are and how you flash your flirty smile. You are a sweet boy that loves to cuddle. Your little squawks and babbling sounds of funny conversation make us laugh. And when you chase around a ball with determination or smack it with your wicked fast reflexes we can’t get enough.

We love you our happy, funny, good-natured boys. Happy Birthday, Jake and Joe!

3 thoughts on “Jake and Joey Turn One!”

  1. I love the double scoop theme! And you have patio furniture! What sweet little boys you have. Their smiles melt my heart. Give them birthday kisses from me!

  2. Happy Birthday to the cute little ones!!!! You guys are so amazing when it comes to celebrating your kiddos’ special day. Then there’s me… I scheduled a girls night absent-mindedly on Michael’s first birthday….

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