Avila Pumpkin Picking

Our annual trip to Avila Valley Barn took place during the Saturday sessions of General Conference. Yes, we felt like heathens missing those talks, but because of soccer it was the only time we could go. Thank goodness for the archives!

We went up with some friends who had never been before and had fun showing them around. Warren and Maddie loved trying to feed the scraps off the ground to the farm animals. Maddie would squeal in delight whenever one would actually eat the piece of hay straight from her hand.

Warren climbed on as many things as he could: trees, old farm equipment, you name it. We also took many opportunities to sit down and take in the sunshine of the gorgeous day, as well as the amazing scents of the apple pies baking in the farm’s ovens.

And I forced Maddie to wear her Santa Barbara Bows Halloween hair accessories, with two “ponies,” which she wasn’t on board with at first but forgot about with all the sights to distract her. I don’t know how your girls do it so willingly, Katie!

We ate dairy fresh ice cream, pumpkin fudge, roasted corn on the cob, and all the samples of their gourmet goodies we could get our hands on.

Of course, we had to pick our pumpkins from the patch. Warren chose two tiny pumpkins for Jake and Joe which they promptly tried to stick in their mouths.

As always, we enjoyed the outing tremendously, especially the food. We love this farm and will continue to make the trek for as long as our kids will let us. Or until they start charging an entrance fee.

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