Halloween Additions

You’d think the need to add to my Halloween collection would decrease at some point. You’d be wrong.

But I did much better at controlling the addiction this year. I actually stayed clear of Michael’s this time, so I’d call that an improvement.¬†Some items that I added were really tacked on to the end of last Halloween, and (by generous donation) at no cost to me. So you can’t come down too hard on me.

For instance, Julianna’s sister, Tara, has a delightful boutique that carries all kinds of treasures, including Halloween decor items. This¬†spiderweb chandelier is just one of the many fun things you can find in her shop.

This haunted house table runner, with glow-in-the-dark polka dots, no less, was another piece that Julianna so graciously passed on to me.

{Thanks again, Jules. Love them both!}

But there were some DIY decor items that I felt compelled to create. I added these potions/specimen jars to the apothecary display.

I used some empty food jars lying around the house, added drugstore-purchased plastic bugs and skulls, as well as some things found in nature, and poured in water tinted by food coloring. Nice and creepy. I thought about adding some descriptive labels for authenticity, but I didn’t want to be tied down to a certain item per jar. Each year might bring something different to display.

I wanted to add some subway art to my faux mantle, so I created this Boo! print, which you can download here as a 4×6.

And I found this cute poem on Pinterest.com:

We also put some cut out jack-o-lantern faces on the windows facing the street.

Plus some ghosts in a graveyard, also made out of paper. It’s always fun to come up with some silly epitaph to complete the look.

Very fun, all of it. I’m sure I’ll have more to add next year.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Additions”

  1. I love the chandelier! I think my little guy would be afraid of your apothecary jars. A little too close a resemblance to The Old Curiosity Shop.

  2. The apothecary display is my favorite!! I’ve never seen anything like it! I set out like 3 things this year, my poor kids. Once again, you are my inspiration!

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