High Chair Differences

One baby is an eater. The other not as much. You can tell by the differences between their high chairs after a meal.

On the left is where Joey sits. Often he leaves uneaten food items on the tray, as pictured above. But mostly he likes to chuck it over the side and onto the floor to demonstrate he’s done. Lovely. He is better at the pincer grasp so the things he does pick up go neatly into his mouth. The problem is he tends to put less in his mouth than on the ground.

Jake sits on the right. He’s not as savvy with the fine motor skills. Instead he scoops his food and shovels as much as he can into his mouth. Much of it ends up on the floor, too, but not for lack of trying to consume it.

I cleaned the floor before I took this picture, so you don’t get the full effect of the mess potential. But you can imagine. I’m back to my Cinderella status again. And they haven’t even tried using their own utensils to feed themselves yet. I can hardly wait.

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