Pete’s Pumpkin Patch

As if we didn’t get enough pumpkin exposure at Avila Valley Barn, we decided to hit another patch, this time in Camarillo. It’s one you can see right off the freeway. I was skeptical, but it turned out to be a better place than I expected.

We met Jeff, Heather, and Ryan there in the afternoon… after an 8AM soccer game and mid-morning school carnival. Another busy Saturday.

It was amazingly warm that afternoon. The sun was beating down on us as we walked and then hiked up the hillside. A very steep hillside at that.

What an adventure. Warren led the way, followed closely by Ryan, while Jeff pulled the empty cart meant to collect pumpkins (which we didn’t even do until we reached the bottom). I pushed Jake and Joe in the stroller, Colin escorted Maddie, and even 5-months pregnant Heather trekked up the hill. She is a rockstar, especially since she ended up assisting Maddie towards the top. It was a mission we all felt we had to complete, I guess.

The view from the top was nearly worth the effort.

We enjoyed exploring the rest of the grounds together, including the toddler area and the rows and rows of pre-picked pumpkins. It was a very fun outing.

Jeff is one of my dearest friends from high school. It makes me smile remembering how our common interests in theater production and eye-rolling during Mr. Tapper’s 9th grade World History class lectures led to many years of friendship and good times. And now I get to enjoy seeing him as a husband and father, roles that he fulfills so well. (But how could he not with someone as terrific as Heather?) I love to see friends richly blessed. It’s one of the many perks of relationships that span a decade or two.

Plus, now we get to watch our children play together.

Maybe they will end up being the kind of buddies that Jeff and I are lucky enough to be. If only we lived in neighboring cities. We’ll just have to continue these sorts of outings to make up for the distance…

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