Halloween Festivities

The Costumes:

A dress-up piece that I purchased in the after Halloween sale last year. The outfit was completed by the rain boots I bought him in anticipation of a heavy rain season this winter. And because I love kids in rain boots.

On loan from Ani via her mom, Christy. The absolute CUTEST sheep costume in the entire world! Thanks again, Christy and Ani, for letting Maddie borrow it. She definitely made it work in her favor.

This year’s Pièce de résistance. If only you could see their adorable little faces! This costume was Colin’s answer to the question: “What’s a good twin costume?” Since this would be the only year we could utilize the stroller prop, it had to be this Halloween. Colin’s amazing mother took the design and sewed this winner together, complete with knitted hats. IT IS TOO MUCH! Definitely the highlight of this Halloween. Thanks again, Grandma Tuki for the fantastic work!

The Activities:

As it’s been in the last couple of years, Halloween turned out to be a three-day weekend event.

On Saturday night, we attended the church Trunk-or-Treat. The next day proved once and for all that kids are indeed highly affected by large amounts of sugar consumption. Just ask Maddie who over dosed and spent much of the day in a state of tantrum. Fun for all.

On Monday, the actual Halloween day, we picked Colin up from work and headed over to the local shopping strip mall where we let the kids get just a few pieces of candy. Warren bounced in the jumpy house and rode with me on the kiddie train, but Maddie didn’t care for either. All she wanted was to rifle through her loot and dig in.

We came home, ate spiderweb pizza, and took the kids to the street where our good friends from church live. Since the candy haul from the Trunk-or-Treat was so ridiculous we decided to only go up one side of their street and then back down the other. Period. That was about all Jake and Joey could take anyway. They were good sports, cruising around in their stroller, but when they were done, they were done.

I love Halloween. From the moment the calendar turns to October 1st, we start playing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” soundtrack, I put up our many decorations, and we eat our fair share of Halloween-themed treats. It’s a magical time full of golden sunsets with long shadows, harvest moons, and pumpkin patches scattered with orange.

This year was particularly special because it was the first time our kids went trick or treating door to door. I hope I never forget the joy I felt watching Maddie and Warren run up the sidewalk, giddy with excitement. Or how sweet and polite they were saying, “Trick-or-treat,” and “Happy Halloween!” to all who answered the door, though Maddie did try to go inside every single house. (How confusing that we shouldn’t considering every time we knock on anyone else’s door it’s someone we know who gladly lets us in!) I love how proud she was as she would drop the candy in her bag all by herself and chase off after Warren who was practically at the next doorstep. And how Warren took care of his little sister to make sure she got her share.

True, there’s not much to the holiday. It’s pretty straightforward: dress up and get candy. A silly tradition that came alive for them this year. And I loved watching every minute of it.

I hope your Halloween was as happy as ours.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Festivities”

  1. Oh they all look so cute!! Renny is a perfect firefighter. And seriously that sheep costume never gets old. And the two headed monster is hilarious. Your MIL did a great job!

  2. Best twin costume EVER. I’m loving all of these! Warren makes a perfect fireman, although I’m sure he was begging you to wear the duck costume just one more time. Right?? 😉

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