Thankful Tree

Just like last year, we spent this Family Home Evening discussing gratitude and the things we’re thankful for right now. We all took a moment to write down some of these things on paper leaves that I later placed on our Thankful Tree. Renny used inventive spelling and finished the task unassisted while I helped the younger kids by transcribing their ideas.

It’s interesting the things that come to mind.

For Warren: famle (family), cpeiwtrs (computers), me (it’s good to love yourself, no?)

For Maddie: candy (can you tell Halloween had an influence on this girl?) and future husband (sparked by our discussion of the temple and Maddie’s opportunity to one day marry there)

For Jake and Joey: milk (this was, of course, interpreted by Mom based on their excitement after receiving said item during this activity)

For Colin: Jeannie (but he used my full name– so sweet), twins, and potty training (Maddie is in the thick of it…)

For Jeannie: the ability to taste and smell (I was just getting over a nasty cold), my sweet family– Colin, Warren, Maddie, Jake, and Joey, and that I can be home with my children every day

There are others, of course, but these were the ones that made it onto our allocated three leaves.

Truly we are blessed. The tree doesn’t lie.


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  1. You’re so good. I cheated and went with the circle punch this year. Yours looks beautiful. And I love your kiddo’s answers.

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