Father Daughter Date

When Maddie learned that I was taking Warren to the library for the storyteller performance, she wanted to come with us. We explained that Warren and I were going on a Mother-Son date. Plus it was her bedtime and she needed to stay home. She was very sad.

To compensate, Colin told her that he would take her out on a date too, but on Saturday. The whole rest of the week she kept asking when her date with Dad would come. The weekend can seem forever away when you’re two.

True to his word, Colin took Maddie out, though she was developing a fever and was pretty tired. He debated not going but he couldn’t let her down.

They had big plans. An outing to Trader Joe’s (where they’d pick up some chocolate “cat” cookies) and a stop at our neighborhood park. She loved every minute of it. For days after she would talk about her trip and tell me that TJs was her date place. The girl dreams grand.

It’s too bad that later that day she got even more sick, passed out on the couch, and had her fever spike to 104 degrees necessitating a trip to the emergency room. But that’s another story. Daddy Daughter Date was a success. Many more outings to come, I hope.

4 thoughts on “Father Daughter Date”

  1. Poor kid. I’m glad her sickness held off until after the date. So fun! Unfortunately Dave took Ani to Chuck E Cheese’s for their first date, and now she thinks that is her “date place”. I think I’m going to recommend TJ’s and a park when he starts with Rina…

  2. So sweet! I still remember my early morning dates with my Daddy to McDonald’s for hot chocolate. That time is so precious.

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